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Kroton allows the customer to flourish. Our expert team will point you in the right direction for every service. Do you have a simple question about the optimization of your accounting or about the closure of the fiscal year-end? Or do you want to set up, close or convert a company? Bring it on!

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  • Bookkeepingin human language

    T-accounts, intangible assets, liabilities and the accounting balance: you might experience it as a horror story, but for us it’s just a walk in the park. We take care of the daily follow-up of the purchase and sales invoices of our customers and the booking of bank statements for companies.

  • Taxationin human language

    Our customers are not required to open an account in the Cayman Islands. We play with our tax knowledge in accounting to the extent that our client pays as little tax as possible. Naturally, we always apply the correct legislation. Our customer does not have to become too acquainted with Mr. tax authorities.

  • Accountancyin human language

    We take it to the next level in accountancy. Our team analyzes the processed accounting documents and translates the figures into bite-sized language to our customer. Of course, tailor-made advice is also part of the deal.

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